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Immerse yourselves in the cultural extravagance of the Rio Carnival, from the intricacies of bloco costumes and the gigantic floats to the samba streets and scrumptious feijoadas. The fifth largest country in the world comes together for a festival that doesn’t differentiate who or where you are from. Indulge in the flavours of Brazil that make the world go awestruck, and revel in a journey towards ecstasy.

Beyond the extravagant celebration, the Rio Carnival is a profound reflection of Brazil's rich cultural heritage. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's traditions, folklore, and history. From the indigenous roots to the Afro-Brazilian influences, every aspect of the carnival pays homage to the nation's diverse and dynamic culture.

The Rio Carnival is more than just a festivity; it is a feeling that stays with you long after the last dance. It is a celebration of life, love, and unity, where people from all walks of life come together to share in the spirit of pure joy.

So, if you're ready to immerse yourself in a riot of colors, dance to the beats of samba, and let your spirit soar, let the Rio Carnival be your calling. Pack your passion and join the carnival of a lifetime – a mesmerizing journey that will forever resonate in your heart.

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Exclusive experiences mentioned on the itinerary

Welcome drinks on the day of arrival

9 breakfasts, 3 lunches with beer and house wine, 2 lunches, 8 dinners with beer and house wine

Handpicked Accommodations

Private Ground Transportation

Local Dining

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FEB 09
Arrive in Rio
FEB 10
Explore Cidade Maravilhosa
FEB 11
Life well lived with a parade at Rio Carnival
FEB 12
A Day of Sweet Memories
FEB 13
Arrive at Foz do Iguassu
FEB 14
Walk & Fly over Water
FEB 15 - FEB 18

Journey at a glance

FEB 09

Arrive at Rio

Arrive at the urban metropolis of Rio situated between the mountains and the sea. Where you will get a private transfer to Fairmont Copacabana Hotel. Our uniformed bilingual guide will take you to the hotel and on the way be briefed about the city and respective hotel. Spend the rest of the day in leisure.

FEB 10

Explore Cidade Maravilhosa

Start the morning in leisure followed by lunch. Visit Christ the Redeemer Statue after lunch and witness Rio in all itsglory from the top. End the day with a Carnival Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel with a live band and a sophisticated buffet dinner.

FEB 11

Life well lived with a parade at Rio Carnival

Enjoy the morning at leisure to recover from the carnival ball’s late hours. Drop in at the relaxed Assaodor Rio’s for lunch, after which you will be taken to visit the Cidade do Samba to learn some samba and make your carnival costumes. Later in the evening take the trip to witness the Carnival, its special groups and samba moves from luxury boxes while the highlight of the day being you taking part in the parade!

FEB 12

A Day of Sweet Memories

After the busy carnival night, start the day in leisure. We then take a ride in the cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain and watch the sunset on its peak, along with cocktails and finger foods.

FEB 13

Arrive at Foz do Iguassu

Transfer to the airport to catch your flight to Iguassu. Embark on your departure transfer to Foz do Iguaçu airport, where you will be welcomed by your bilingual local guide for a private transfer to Sanma Resort. Followed by a non-motorized boat safari that lets you explore the Iguassu river responsibly.

FEB 14

Walk & Fly over Water

Wake up and don your walking shoes as we take a walking tour to the Brazilian side of the falls before opening hours..

An exhilarating optional helicopter tour of the Iguassu falls follows to offer you glorious sights of this wonder of the world.

Take a step back and enjoy the remainder of the day in leisure at the hotel relishing its facilities and also the National Park on your own.

FEB 15

Arrive at Manaus

Catch your domestic flight to Manaus. Upon arrival, get privately transferred to Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge and get ready for the adventure filled days ahead.

Note: The days 7, 8 and 9 are also dedicated to activities mentioned below. The order of the tours is defined by the Hotel, which will supply the schedule of the activities upon guest arrival. And you will depart to the airport after the scheduled tour ends.

FEB 16

Visit the pink dolphins and craft centres in Novo Airâo

See the pink dolphins come up close in search of fish and then visit two craft centres where craftsmen offer products made with natural materials such as straw and wood chips.

Explore the Forest Trail of the Amazon
Reveal the mysteries of the Amazon and gain knowledge of wild trees, fruits and berries. Also learn guidelines for survival and medicinal herbs from experienced local guides.

Anavilhanas Tour
Witness the numerous channels, lakes, islands and holes of the largest river archipelago in the world on regional vessels.

A exhilarating Piranha Fishing trip
Enjoy a fun fishing trip in wooden canoes along the creeks of the region, where you have an opportunity to snag some piranhas and other fish while enjoying the scenery around.

FEB 17

Nocturnal Sights and Sounds of Nature

Live through the uniquely sensational forest at night in motorised canoes searching for sloths, birds, snakes, and alligators while immersing in the sounds of the night.

Sunrise Contemplation
Leave at dawn to observe the birds and contemplate the beauty of the colours and shades of the Amazon skies on a lake in the Anavilhanas.

Canoeing along the flooded forests and streams
Row through the trees and rivers in wooden canoes while enjoying the sounds and scenery of every twist and turn of the woods.

Visit to a local community
Experience first-hand the lives of an isolated community in Rio Negro to learn a little about their lifestyle, their social organization and culture.

FEB 18

Depart Manaus

Embrace the farewell breeze in Manaus as you step onto the path that leads to your homeward-bound flight, carrying the echoes of Amazonian adventures and vibrant moments with you.

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Fairmont Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro

Perched along the golden shores of Copacabana Beach, Fairmont Copacabana is a haven of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication. As one of Rio de Janeiro's most renowned luxury hotels, it offers a captivating blend of modern comforts and the city's iconic charm.

Sanma Resort
Iguassu Falls

Introducing SANMA, the nearest hotel establishment to the entrance of Iguaçu National Park. Focusing on enhancing the guest's stay, they have crafted distinct accommodations that seamlessly blend with the distinct character found in shared spaces, private quarters, and the surrounding natural environment.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Tucked deep within the lush embrace of the Amazon Rainforest, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Situated at the gateway of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the world's largest river archipelago, this eco-lodge promises an enchanting journey into the heart of the Amazon.